Over the last six months, we’ve been busy working on the new version of Tactiq. Now, after dozens of talks with people about their meeting problems, hundreds of hours of building and testing, we excited to announce the new version of Tactiq.
In saying this, we don’t mean just a few new features. It is a completely new way of running meetings that will help teams to focus more on conversation and save time.
So what’s new in Tactiq?

Getting Started Meeting at Tactiq

Your personal AI-notetaker.

We are sure that structured notes are vital to keeping a record of the conversation. In most meeting software and previously in Tactiq you had to type them by yourself. Of course, it’s better than a pen and paper but still quite time-consuming. Besides, who should take them at all?
Now imagine that all you need to do is to speak as usual while Tactiq takes meeting notes for you in real-time. Smart AI-powered speech recognition turns your team discussion into meaningful and accurate notes. You don’t miss brilliant ideas anymore and know what exactly your teammate said. Sounds fantastic, huh?
Our most requested feature is already available in the new version of Tactiq.

Keep what’s important.

You might want to delete that bad joke from meeting notes - and you’d be right. Meeting record should be clear and concise. That’s why we give you full control over your notes. After the conversation ended, just highlight the most important parts of the speech transcription and move them to the meeting document. That’s it!

A brand new real-time editor.

You also can see some changes in our meeting editor. Now it gives you more flexibility in selecting the meeting item you need right now. Whether is an agenda item, text note or action item - they’re all at your fingertips. Add, edit and rearrange them using drag and drop. Create beautiful meeting document and share it with anyone who missed your brilliant meeting.

More free meetings and notes.

We believe that with the new version you will need more free meeting and notes, so we're giving them!Now you can create an unlimited number of meetings and notes with 3 months retention plus up to 4 hours of speech-to-text transcription for free. You are also very welcome to participate in our beta program to get unlimited retention.

Things you love don’t go anywhere.

While we updated a significant part of the platform, tools our customer love are still here.
Agenda time tracking and meeting timer will help you and your team to keep the discussion concise and finish it within the timeframe.
With Google calendar integration you can easily add scheduled meetings from your work calendar.
Collaboration lets all your team contribute to meeting notes and see document changes at the same time. Yes, your version of meeting notes is the last one.

What's next?

The new version is just the very beginning. We’re rapidly adding new features and integration, so more to come! If you have some thought about Tactiq, want to request a feature or report a bug, please, check out out knowledge base or drop us a message to team@tactiq.io.
We would love to hear from you!