Scheduling next meeting just got a lot simpler with Google Calendar Integration. The Tactiq Team has been hard at work creating the best recipe for the perfect calendar experience. Say hello to Google Calendar Sync in Tactiq!

Switch on

First, use your Google Account to login:

Turn on Google Calendar Integration while creating new Hub, alternatively you can do it at User Settings->Integration page.

Schedule next meeting from Calendar

After switching on Google Integration a new option will be available in the “Create new meeting” window. Here you can pick an existing event from Google Calendar. This will create a connection between Tactiq Meeting and Google Calendar that allows Tactiq to sync name, date, duration, and recurrence of the Calendar event.

Now you can see a sync icon for every meeting notes. Just click on it to pick another event in this series or link with another event.

Create next meeting note and the date will be copied from the Calendar.

This sync doesn’t work visa versa, since Tactiq do not ever make changes to your Calendar. If you’d like to change time only in the meeting note you can delete link to the calendar event by clicking on the date and proceed with the update.

Tactiq Integration with Google Calendar


Thanks for reading! 👏 We hope that you enjoy this integration, and it helps your team to keep meeting organised and productive. Make the most of every meeting with Tactiq.